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If you don’t like it, don’t make it! Because every good thing starts from passion and should seen as a masterpiece. The passion  for technology and software is what brings excellence in our daily work. And we are happy to share our passion with you in any possible way. Finally, it is not about business. It is a person to person message we want to transmit through our code, tasks and projects.


Creativity is a continuous process in our work. We need to find solutions for every possible problem. Getting the best idea is not always simple, but a solid experience blended with really bright minds and some craziness is a perfect addition to hard work. If you have a problem, we will find at least one solution. And that’s a promise.


Partnership, like everything else, is about people. If we’ll feel that we can face any storm together, then we will. A partnership is – in our oppion – a reliable, open and abitious cooperation. Its final aim to encourage a mutual growth of the partners.  Working together you will have a number of advantages we will be glad to present to you in detail.


At the end, the outcome is everything that matters. And we are committed to provide the highest possible quality and to create a consistent added value. This is the first criteria we take into consideration. All the other advantages will follow and we will do everything to deliver our tasks and projects in time and budget. But first of all we will focus on quality.

About Us

Over the last 15 years we have organized and shaped professional software development teams for delivering IT products and services.  Top worldwide companies in telecom, automotive and education areas have been counting on our exceptional deliveries. No matter how challenging was the request, how short  the time was or what other constraints we had to deal with, finally we made it.  These are proofs and constant reminders that we are providing a wide services palette on the highest level of quality.

We have developed strategic partnerships and always proved ourselves as reliable associates focused on getting the right results by envisioning creative solutions to preempt possible situation which could impact business success  in the form each company is picturing it.

The challenges come as motivators in this agile world, making us offering a larger variety of services and keeping us flexible and proactive.


7 out of 10 IT companies are looking for a business partner in Eastern Europe

Find your IT business partner in Romania!


We bring together passion, ideas and results because we take the time to ask questions and understand your vision in order to obtain the perfect outcome.


The experience makes the difference. We are offering complete insight and effective approach for creating the best possible match between our partners’ expectations and our skills and possibilities.


Our commitments define who we are, how we work, our priorities and our values. We are focused on technical excellence, innovation and agility, in order to create competitive advantages for you.


Share your vision and we’ll make it happen. We can help you establishing a business model,  creating a dedicated team, implement performance measures and institute evaluation systems. Finally, you will get a risk free settlement.

As a programmer, are you open to challenges?

There comes a moment when you need to change something in your professional life. You feel it and you want to do it.
Maybe it is not easy, but for sure it’s easier with the right partner. With us, you have the power and autonomy to change anything  you want in order to achieve your personal goals.  And this can take different forms of partnerships. It also creates the potential to earn more money, since you’re in control of how you earn your income. You just have to get over the hump and give us a sign.

Are you a …..?

Java Architect
.NET Senior Developer
UI/UX Specialist
Experienced Java programmer
Frontend Developer

Check out our collaboration proposal and decide by yourself! Don’t miss any more opportunities!

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IT experts jobs in Romania

The aggregate costs of outsourcing

Reliability and security are essential to our business, as any loss of data or extended periods of downtime or missed deliveries could mean financial implications. The benefits of outsourcing vary greatly, depending on the applications/products/services to be outsourced and the organization’s resources. There are, however, several reasons why outsourcing with us makes sense for many customers.

Romania among top 10 outsourcing locations

International giants like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Continental, Adobe, Hella, Facebook, Siemens, Vodafone, Apple, Intel, Orange, Alcate Lucent, Endava are already here. Romanian universities have been Top 3 in the IEEE Design Competition every year since 2001. Romania has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation and is 3rd globally after Russia (URSS) and China, the number of engineers per capita is greater than the US, India, China, or Russia, and almost 90 per cent of IT professionals speak English.

Is Freelancing a good option for you?

Spend some time working on the task yourself so you’ve built foundations before handing it over to someone else. For example, if you outsource sales then have a ready-made contacts list and some open doors that the specialist can build on, rather than starting from scratch. This will make it more cost-effective for you and means that they hit the ground running.

Draw your career path

Climbing the corporate or businesses ladders aren’t the only ways to think about careers, even though they occupy the top positions when discussing about careers. As a domain expert, technologies change and paradigms change. The long-term domain experts are expert not in the specifics but in the solutions.
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